After I adopted the crazy cat, she never left me again because…

Today’s story about a man
who adopted a crazy cat.

crazy cat

That cat was suffering in
the street from violence and lack of food.

To reward its adopters, it
has become undivided and accompanied everywhere.

In Romania, a family has
moved into their new home. Sometime later, the locals began to hear the cries
of kittens.

what happens when they
adopt the crazy cat?

crazy cat

While looking for where it
came from, they discovered a little under a car.

A neighbor grabbed her and
took her home.

“But after a day, he
threw her out on the street because she wasn’t accepted by her other cat,”
says Sorin Popa.

The crazy cat immediately
took refuge under the same car and continued to model.

Sorin and his girlfriend
decided to take matters into their own hands to save him.

They waited for an hour,
patiently trying to get her out of the underside of the vehicle.

The little cat was
terrified but she was so hungry that she went out 

Sorin’s girlfriend took the opportunity to wrap her in a blanket and take her into the house. She was skinny and full of fleas. The couple let her decompress and gave her food.

The little cat devoured everything before taking refuge behind the refrigerator. She stayed there for 3 days, going out only to drink or eat when there was no one around her.

She was so afraid of the slightest movement. But the couple persisted and took turns to show her that she had nothing to fear.

crazy cat

Did it get better?

After a few days, the little cat started to come out of her hiding place. Hunger but also curiosity and the desire to be loved pushed him to go towards the couple.

With great courage, she went to them to feel their hands. Then little by little she began to feel more comfortable.

“We took her to the vet, we cleaned her up and we knew we had to keep her,” says Sorin. “For a week, we kept her separate from our other cat Abyzou and our dog Dante.”

Once it was confirmed that the crazy cat was healthy, the couple introduced it to the other animals in the house.

crazy cat

“They started to feel under the closed door and we made the presentations,” Sorin says. At first, there was some whistling from Abyzou, but they soon began to get along well.

Today, the little cat is never far from her big sister. They share the same bed and take a nap together.
“She and Abyzou have become best friends. They sleep all day and play all night,” Sorin says.

“From the beginning, Abyzou let her play with her toys and even eat on her plate.”

The crazy cat gets braver every day and when she doesn’t follow her feline sister into the house, she plays with Dante’s tail.

The three of them are even sleeping together now! 


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