The strangest cat in the world. He welcomes everyone in his own way

cat tower

Every day we discover animals in strange shapes.

Whistling cats or dogs with strange but beautiful faces.
And that makes us stop for a moment.
Why do some people treat them so harshly because of their strange

Why are they being laughed at on social media? Today’s story is about the strange cat they call cat tower.

who is the cat tower?

cat tower

While opening the door of his car, Danny Redmond was very surprised when a
cat with a very special coat appeared. Indeed, the little black feline, which
lives in the UK, has its ears, nose, and the end of its legs all white.

The adorable cat has vitiligo, they call him the cat tower he is a rare disease in cats but is quite benign except that its coat turns white in places.

cat tower

he lives on a veterinary farm in Romford,” Danny said. “He comes to meet everyone and gets into the cars. He likes people.

The little feline is loved by everyone in the neighborhood and he lives in a house full of love.
With its all-white nose and ears, the adorable cat has an unusual appearance.

As you get older, there is a good chance that other areas of its coat will turn white, as is the case with Scrappy the cat tower, which today has a truly unique coat.


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