To honor the memory of his deceased cat, he creates giant bushes in his image

Cats are not just pets for humans, they are more than that.

Some people have come to regard his little cat as his son or daughter,
treat her like a normal person, and talk to her.

little cat

Now some people are religious when they lose their little cat, go crazy and
hate life, like they’ve lost a piece of their heart.

Cats aren’t just animals, they’re friends, and they may treat some humans
better than society itself.

Today’s story is a rather sad story but full of love and creativity.

who is Tolly the little cat

After several years at his side, the loss of his little cat is often a
great source of grief 

This was the case for the artist Richard Saunders who lost his little cat Tolly after 14 years of living together.

However, this Briton decided to honor the memory of his deceased favorite anima through an artistic initiative called The Topiary Cat.

So he decided to create giant bushes in the image of his faithful companion.

But make no mistake, this is an illusion.

Richard doesn’t have a green hand but masters Photoshop perfectly. This is how he stages Tolly in beautiful photomontages that pay tribute to him.

Check out a few below and don’t hesitate to check out The Topiary Cat Facebook page. 


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