A cat that does not grow up celebrates her 9th birthday today, What gifts would cats like at their age?

I hated cats because of my mom, but… 

kitty cat
I never introduced you to my kitty cat. Or rather my. In short my little, by her first name Lucy,

My cat has the advantage of not growing up in shape.

It always looks like she’s only 3 months old.

my kitty cat celebrates her 9 years old today! I can already see you have to do it behind your screen.

It’s been 9 years since that hairball entered my life. Strange because I had never liked cats.
Surprisingly, unpredictable, they traumatized my mother who had given me her fright by repeating to me not to get too close to these little beasts.
So much so that I, the cats, had finally avoided them.

But it’s only fools who don’t change their minds! And one day, a friend offered me a kitten.
I don’t know what took me on the spot but I said yes! And then I saw her, her little porridge wrapped under a blanket …

I knew right away that it was her!
Today I can’t imagine the apartment without it… Always in my legs, she greets me every night with undisguised joy, and above all, she is as talkative as her mistress (especially in the morning from 05:00).

The only shadow on the board is that I am allergic to kitty cat hair, which forced me to start a long and tedious desensitization treatment.

kitty cat

Because of my love for my kitty cat, I became creative in the birthday ideas.

Every year I celebrate differently from the year before, and that makes my cat very happy.

And so I don’t have to be stingy, I’m going to offer you 5 ways to celebrate your little cat, and I’m going to give you some of the gifts they like.


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