A man saves the life of a little kitten that was on the way at the last minute After that, he adopted her.

Where was the little cat?
little cat

This little cat was sitting alone on a sidewalk. Many people walked past
her without paying attention until a woman saw her and refused to let her go.

Carmen Weinberg, the founder of the Animal Friends Project, was at a mobile
home park in Lake 
Worth, Florida, USA when she spotted a little cat alone
without her mom on a sidewalk.

Sadly There were many passages but no one had stopped to see if the little kitten
was in distress.

What happened to the little

Yes I knew she wanted to be seen. She wanted help, Carmen says.

The little cat was skinny and in a very sad state. She needed care. She had
taken refuge under a car, but did not go very far.

Carmen set a trap with food inside the vehicle.

As soon as the little kitten smelled the food, she rushed to eat. The door
closed behind, but she did not seem frightened. She was especially happy to
have found something to satisfy herself.
The little cat was named Estrella.


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A man lost his home in an accident, but he didn’t leave his little cat.

A man hears the kitten crying and saves him from the side of the road just in time