They buy Mini Beds For Their Cats just to get their love

little cat

lovely introduction

Little cats love little places.
This sentence is an animal breeding secret that you have to apply in case you have a little cat.
To make your little cat love you, you have to give him what he loves.

What they did to make their cats love them?

Some wise folks have located a brilliant way to break their little cat. People are repurposing an easy yet famous doll bed from IKEA, turning it into a lovely throne for their cute cats

little cat

little cat
little cat

Maybe cute cats don’t seem to be only interested in boxes after all?
Officially, the $14.99 Duktig is “a doll bed with bedlinen set,” however the small wood piece has grown to be IKEA’s leader in the pet furniture market.
A lot of it is possibly due to the design; the slot at either end of the bed is an amazing function for
every little cat. It lets them stick their tails out if they desire to relax.
And some crafty proprietors are even turning them into bunk beds… Open next page to read more


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