This cat was adopted in 1986 and she celebrates her 34nd anniversary in this day


This tabby kittie, who is a contender to be the world’s oldest cat, has simply celebrated his 34th birthday (that’s a cat age equal of 151 in human years).

who is Nutmeg?

His name is Nutmeg but they called the cat ladder and he selected his family via showing up in their outside some 32 years ago In the same years he was adopted from this family. ”He rules the house and he’s truly gorgeous,” Nutmeg’s human beings told The Mirror.

Loving proprietors Liz and Ian Finlay took the adorable Nutmeg in back in 1988 as a stray who befriended their very own cat Spice.


The owners were told he was already at least 5 years old when they got him …Open the Next Page To Continue Reading


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