23 years old cat who was adopted in 1997 his color changes every year.

In 1997 David met with a black cat and they had a strong friendship, but David noticed that with the passage of years the black cat turns his color from black to white now after 23 years he became an old cat and became a strange color.

David and his old cat in the first meet in 1997

Back in 1997, a man named David meets a black cat, no longer understanding that one day it will get a marble patterned fur.

His owner recalls the second he met the cat: “Scrappy used to be sitting on his own and, although he was once a lovely cat, we didn`t suppose others would regard him to be as lovely as his siblings.
I decided to take Scrappy as I knew he would be the final one to be taken, if at all, David told MeowBox.
The cat’s coat pattern started out getting white when he was 7-years-old. Most likely, this is due to vitiligo, a genetic mutation that is extraordinarily rare in cats.

This doesn’t affect the kitty’s health in any way, and the 23-year-old black and white old cat is happy, healthy, and kicks ass! Yup, that’s where his name comes from: “Despite his age, he [picks scraps] with the local cats… I guess you could say that he rules the street.”
The owner added: “Scrappy is a complete diva! He isn’t the great cat to take pictures of as most of the time he looks the other way or walks away…

old cat, black cat, black an white cat

He can additionally be pretty grumpy at times.” Nevertheless, the guy adores his pet and says Scrappy is very affectionate towards him.
David is the only person that receives to rub Scrappy’s belly, and, seeing how lovely the grumpy ‘nordic god’ cat is, we couldn’t be extra jealous!
The cat’s not too old. We’ve talked about older cats on our website (morestories.co.uk) like the 38 years old cat and the 34 years old cat

old cat, black cat, black an white cat

It is considered that a cat falls into the category of “Seniors” when it reaches the age of 15. However, age is not the only indicator, many signs can alert you to the aging of your cat.

1-It doesn’t wash (almost) anymore

As we know, the old cat is a maniac of cleanliness. Its hygiene must be impeccable, which means grooming several times a day.
If you notice that your old cat is doing less grooming than usual, this is a sign that something is wrong. If he is old, it can be a simple consequence of old age or a sign of illness. In any case, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

2-He sleeps more

An adult cat or an old cat sleeps between 15 and 18 hours a day. But when a cat gets older, it can prolong little naps and sleep more than 20 hours a day. In this case, do not try to wake him, if he sleeps, it is because he needs it.

3-He no longer plays

Like us, cats have less energy as they age. It is therefore normal that your usually mischievous kitty gradually stops playing. Hunting is no longer a priority for him, it tires him too.

4-He meows at night

It is not only the cat’s body that is aging, but also its brain. Thus, it is not uncommon for older cats to make a habit of meddling loudly for no reason, usually in the middle of the night. This is called nocturnal wanderings and it is a sign that the animal is disoriented.

5-He has trouble moving

With age, pain (articular, muscular…) appears, making it more difficult to simply jump, walk, or climb stairs. Balance problems may also occur. So don’t hesitate to install your cat’s bowls at ground level so you don’t have to jump to get there.

6-He hears less well

Deafness can occur as early as birth, as a result of an accident, illness but also because of old age.

7-He sees less well

Like deafness, blindness usually appears with age. In this case, adjustments are needed in the house to prevent your old cat from bumping into dangerous objects.

8-It eats less

Old age almost inevitably leads to a loss of appetite in cats. Indeed, not only is digestion more difficult, but dental problems also appear, preventing your hairball from effectively chewing food.

9-He has dull hair

A healthy old cat is often recognized by its hair: it must be shiny and silky. But an elderly cat tends to see its hair tarnish and become rough. White hair may even appear on its coat, like a white hair in humans.

10-He becomes messy

If your old cat suddenly starts to give up his litter and leave you with little pee to clean all over the house, don’t scold him. There are many reasons for this behavior in older cats, including urinary tract infection, senility, or urinary incontinence.


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