The fattest cat in the world celebrates the 10th birthday her weighs is 32 kilograms

10 years, 1.20 meters, and 38 kilos And we must not forget that today GARFIELD is celebrating his 10th birthday. GARFIELD will soon officially become the fattest cat in the world. Guinness World Records has been contacted by his owner.

Maine Coon cats are known to be very large and the fattest, and they hold the largest records. 10-year-old GARFIELD weighs 38 kilograms, and is almost the same size as a 10-year-old,

A star on social media as the fattest cat in the world

But GARFIELD doesn’t need this title to make himself known, he already has more than 90,000 followers on his Instagram account. His followers can follow his cat’s life.
On the other hand, his photos also show that it is not easy to have a cat of this size in his house. “He can very well open doors… whether it’s sliding doors, closets, shower doors, or cupboard doors. Nothing resists him!” not even the fridge!

This big ball of hair has a great chance of holding the record of the fattest cat in the world.
The more important thing for a cat adopter is how to take care of his cat. to take care of a cat is something you learn in time, but having a cat-like GARFIELD is a different thing.
Excess obesity in cats can sometimes kill them. It can hurt her daily activities, health, and the way she breathes.

the fattest cat, maine coon

For that you find that cats like GARFIELD or any of the fattest cats they don’t live much because the way to take care of him is the only way to keep him alive.
I’ll show you 7 ways to take care of your fattest cat and reduce his obesity.

1- The treadmill dispenser

For your fattest cat to quickly find the line, the most effective solution is to return to the fundamentals of its existence: hunting. Indeed, to stimulate your feline intellectually and physically, it is necessary to reproduce his way of life in nature, where he had to hunt for food. All you need to do is opt for a rolling kibble dispenser, also called Pipeline.

2- High bowls

It may sound silly, but simply raising your cat’s bowls (by placing them on the kitchen worktop for example) can be a good way to get him to get some exercise. And this several times a day! Thus, it will have to jump to feed itself.
You can also arrange his bowls at the top of the stairs for example to force him to climb the stairs. Be careful though, this trick should not be applied to older cats!

the fattest cat, maine coon

3- The treasure hunt

To force your cat to walk his sense of smell and joints, it is quite possible to hide his daily ration of croquettes all over the house. Arrange small piles in several different hiding places and let him manage!
Note that this trick only works if your feline’s croquettes are appetizing enough!

4- play games with your fattest cat

Whether your cat is overweight or not, it is essential to devote at least 1 hour of games a day. Indeed, in addition to making him exercise, these playtimes allow you to strengthen your ties with him but also to reduce his stress.

5- Hanging toys

By hanging feathers or bells attached to the doors and windows of your home attached to the end of a wire, you will undoubtedly make a happy! Indeed, the drafts will move the toys, which will awaken your cat’s hunting instinct.

the fattest cat, maine coon

6- play parkour with him

As you know, cats love high-rise places. The reason? Not only do they like to climb, but it also allows them to observe their environment safe from danger. In order to give your cat the opportunity to do some climbing, do not hesitate, as far as possible, to set up parkour games.
To do this, securely attach shelves, scratches, beds, or tunnels to the walls!

7-No stress

that stress makes the cat fat So, to prevent your cat from rushing to the food to vent his anxiety, make sure that his environment is peaceful so that your cat can feel safe there.
In this sense, it is recommended to have your cat eat alone, with no other animals nearby, and in a quiet place.


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