A 10-year-old street cat asks a woman to buy her food kindly So the woman adopted he

Cats are smart creatures especially stray cats, who need to use their brain to the fullest to continue to exist in the streets.

kitty cat

The life of these cats is hard as they constantly need to search for foods and battle for their lives.

This white tailless cat from Mexico had a difficult start to his life as a stray cat. However, whilst looking out for food, he accidentally found his forever home.

As you saw in the video, the kitty cat is very smart, And that’s a strong reason for the lady to adopt her.

Gentleness and smartness are powerful indicators of cat adoption.
And everyone has a reason to adopt a kitty cat.

kitty cat

And don’t forget that there are things that might prevent you from adopting any kitty cat.

Bringing home a new kitty cat or kitten is an exciting time for everyone, but it is essential to make sure you are ready for a new family member.

Although cats are relatively easy to care for pets, they still require special care and attention.

If you reconsider any of these points, you may want to reconsider buying a kitty cat at this point.

1 – Time and attention

kitty cat

Cats are known to be solitary animals, but they need a lot of love and attention, just like dogs. Cats need affection and daily play to stimulate their bodies and minds.

A bored cat is an unhappy cat and there is no reason why your kitty cat should not get the attention she needs.

Playing with your kitty cat should be a routine activity, not only for your cat’s physical and mental exercise but to create a bond between the two of you.

The fact that cats can be alone for long periods does not mean that they should be left alone. They need attention, and if you work very long hours or if you are often away from the city, you may want to consider a pet that doesn’t need much

2 – Stable income

kitty cat

You don’t need to be rich to own a cat, but you need to be prepared for routine care like food, housing, toys, and litter. Also, your kitty cat will need a veterinary examination at least once a year; more if they get sick or injured.

Kittens will need to see a veterinarian more often because they will need vaccines.
Life happens, and anyone can lose their job or their primary source of income at any time without notice, so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling.

Just make sure that you will always be able to cater to your feline for the foreseeable future comfortably.

3 – A stable living situation

kitty cat

Most of us wanted to sneak a pet house and hide it in our closets or under our beds so mom wouldn’t see it, but we can’t do it in real life.

Make sure that wherever you live is comfortable having a kitty cat in the house. Many apartments and rented houses do not accept pets, and it is essential to follow these policies.

Getting a cat and asking your landlord to inform you will make it move very quickly. Not only is it stressful for your cat and for you to return home, but it also risks your kitty cat getting into the shelter.
Again, life is coming, and things are changing, but as long as you are in good shape to bring a cat home, you must be ready for the future.

4 – Patience

kitty cat

All animals require patience. You will need to adjust your schedule somewhat to meet your cat’s needs, especially if you have a kitten that needs training in the litter box.

You and your new kitten will develop a program that works best for you, but extra time will be needed to feed, practice litter, and play with your kitty cat.

Some cats are more sensitive than others. You may even have to be patient to create a bond if your new kitty cat is very stressed in his new home.

Cats may take some time to show themselves and show affection to their new owners, so try not to push the problem, and everyone will be happier in the long run..


There are many different things to consider when bringing home a new pet of any kind, and cats require as much care as any other animal.
They are loving creatures that need love and attention and do better with owners who can provide adequate diligence.
So if you’re thinking about bringing a new kitty cat or kitten home and you’ve covered these four things, go ahead and add this new member of the family!


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