A two-year-old cat defends her lady from a hungry fox and fights against him

In Florida, exactly in one of the famous parks, People from everywhere in the city walks with their pets.
But that cat is known to have a lot of foxes, and sometimes they attack humans for no reason.

In this period. The number of foxes is constantly increasing.
And people’s complaints are growing because of the mess they’re doing in their homes That’s what made hiking impossible.

cat food

On Saturday evening, Noor was walking with her cat outside, and she didn’t notice anyone was watching her.
Noor kept hiking for a long time, ignoring what might happen, When Noor came home, and before she entered, a fox brutally attacked her. She tried to escape, but she couldn’t.

She was screaming for someone to come to her rescue, but the miracle happened.

Her cat has gone from a nice cat to a fighting cat who’s aggressively attacked the fox. She was standing like a lion, not a cat.
She fought with the fox for three minutes until the fox knew he had no chance of defeating the brave cat.

cat food

The fox decided to run away, but the cat had another opinion. She kept following him down the street until the fox disappeared from sight.
And the brave cat proudly returned to her lady.

In an interview with Noor, we asked her about the age of the cat, She told us she was only two years old. Shockingly, the cat was big in size.

We asked her again how this cat became so big at a young age?
-What kind of food do you eat?
-Is it about her genes?

She told us that her cat eats a special kind of cat food and eats up to seven meals a day.

-What kind of food is that?
her answer was that food

that surprises us. All cats eat cat food but what is special about this cat food.

This question made us confused, so we did some revelations about the ingredients of this cat food. And here are some impressive results.


cat food

Instinct Ultimate Protein dry cat food has up to 2x more real duck and chicken & 95% of the protein comes from duck, chicken, and eggs. Unmatched digestibility for optimal nutrient absorption.

Made with guaranteed levels of natural probiotics for digestive health, omegas for skin & coat, and antioxidants for immune health. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Instinct Ultimate Protein dry cat food is high protein cat food where every piece of kibble is coated in freeze-dried raw for nutrition and taste. Delicious and healthy

this cat food is made with the pure, real nutrition of raw. Raw is natural, made from real meat & whole food ingredients, protein-packed & minimally processed. Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world.

After we knew the components of these special cat food we searched about the standards that should be in the normal food and does this food respect it

Studying ingredients

The first ingredient must be meat and/or fish, which means that it is the ingredient present in greater quantities in the food.

Avoid foods with the first ingredient being a cereal, for example. Similarly, foods consisting of pieces of meat and/or fish should be preferred, rather than by-products for which little information is available…

Choosing a cat food made up of quality ingredients inevitably has an impact on its price. We must avoid premium croquettes made from lower quality raw materials.

The absence of chemical additives is also sought. Organic foods in particular guarantee the absence of chemical additives.

Studying analytical composition

in the first advisable to look at the protein levels of the food.

It must be more than 35% of cat food. is not a problem to give more protein to a healthy animal. Protein is also a source of energy but also of essential amino acids.

The calculation of the Protido-Calorique Report (also known as the CPP) allows us to know whether the amount of food distributed to the animal can cover its protein needs.

The level of ash (minerals) is also studied: it is advisable to choose foods containing less than 12% minerals. This is especially important in cats because excess minerals promote urinary stones.


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