A dog strays and goes 90 km to find his old home


An unusual story that brought together a dog and its owners. Cleo, a four-year-old labrador, strayed to Olathe’s big city in Kansas and traveled nearly 90 kilometers to his former home in Lawson, Missouri, USA.


At the beginning of July, it was panic for these owners who could not find their dog: search notices launched, yet no one knew where the young labrador had gone, reports Ouest-France. “My wife and I had just returned from work. Cleo was lying on the floor in front of the front door,” says Colton Michael, who discovers the dog, “seeming to be waiting for someone” on the front porch of his house.

Fortunately, the dog carries a flea with the name of its owner. “That’s when my wife realized it was the dog of the previous owners! I contacted them again to tell them that we had found their dog. History has left them speechless,” he recalls…Open the Next Page To Continue Read


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