Coryza is a severe contagious disease that infects and kills little kittens in a short time.

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Cat coryza is a viral disease of the respiratory system that is common in baby kittens living in communities.

Cat coryza is a real danger for all unvaccinated cats! As much as this disease exists in humans, it can be benign in us; it can be serious in baby kittens.

Prevention against the so-called “cat flu” is possible through vaccination.

Baby cat flu is a viral disease of the respiratory system. It is still common in cats living in the community (cattery, shelter, animal pensions) and in unvaccinated cats and kittens living in groups or not an individual.

The coryza of the baby cat

Cat coryza is an extremely contagious disease between felines without the need for contact. It is not contagious to humans, but the man, especially through his clothes and shoes, can transmit the disease. Your baby the cat may be concerned, even if it doesn’t come out!

Coryza (or cat flu) is most often transmitted from one sick cat to another, via small droplets filled with pathogenic germs circulating in the air as a result of sneezing. Note that a baby cat that has caught coryza, even if cured, can remain contagious for a very long time! So it’s a real threat to all cats. Coryza results from contamination by several viruses or bacteria that each generate different effects and symptoms in cats:

  • A Calicivirus, responsible for fever, fatigue, and discharge of the eye and nose and ulcers in the mouth, causes significant salivation and loss of appetite.
  • A herpes group virus causes nose and respiratory tract infections (the most dangerous or even fatal in some weak people)
  • A Tear-generating Reovivirus


The main symptoms of baby cat coryza


The cat’s coryza can cause many different disorders depending on the age and the cat’s health. Young animals that have not yet fully developed their immune systems are most at risk. After a short incubation period of 2 to 5 days, symptoms appear … Open the Next Page To Continue Read


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