In the future, dogs will be able to detect the coronavirus with their sense of smell. Preliminary studies have already begun in Paris.



Trials will be conducted as early as next week at the Alfort Veterinary School, in collaboration with the Bégin Hospital.
Are dogs able to detect coronavirus patients? This is the best of a French veterinary doctor who will start trials next week.

“The idea came into our heads a few weeks ago because work was done several years ago at a university in Alabama, the USA showed that viral diseases could be diagnosed in cattle using the nose of dogs,” the head of the Paris Fire Department told BFMTV on Friday.

“We thought that if a virus was likely to leave olfactory traces on an animal, there was no reason why it should not leave one on a human,” adds Dominique Grandjean.
These trials, which will be conducted at the Alfort Veterinary School, in collaboration with the Bégin hospital in Saint-Mandé, will, therefore, aim to confirm or not this hypothesis.

Sweat samples submitted to dogs

“We are going to take sweat samples – the only biological liquid that is known not to extract the virus and therefore does not pose a risk to operators – under the armpits of patients with Covid-19 or not,” explains Dominique Grandjean.
Dogs, already trained in the detection, will sniff these samples and will be rewarded when they find a positive example. “Then we’ll see if they notice other samples, without being directed,” continues the veterinarian, who points out that “on dogs already trained, it takes a week to incorporate a new smell into their reference library.”

Detecting contaminated travellers


In the United Kingdom, a similar study is currently being conducted by the Medical Detection Dogs Association, which is working on this subject with researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Durham University… Open the Next Page To Continue Reading


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