Study says video games may be good for your mental health after all



SUBURBAN MOMS AND FRUSTRATED TEACHERS have been toting the adverse effects of video games since their inception. Still, new research now suggests that these accusations may be the result of bad science.

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford recently teamed up with Electronic Arts (EA) and Nintendo to investigate how video games like Plants versus Zombies: Battle for the Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons affect the mental health of their players. The results of this partnership were published Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Unlike previous research, which has pointed to the adverse effects of “gaming addiction,” these researchers found these games could positively impact someone’s well-being in specific scenarios.

WHY IT MATTERS  Previous research evaluating video games’ effect has often relied on self-reported data from users to make conclusions about the ultimate impact of video games. These kinds of responses are notoriously unreliable, argue this new study’s authors.

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